How it Works

The goal of fractional leasing (also known by some as lease-share or yacht timeshare) is simple: Experience all the pleasures of sailing your very own boat without all the hassles or expenses of ownership. The concept is not unique to Broad Reach, but our program stands out from the others.

Our fractional leasing program gives you all the privileges and enjoyment of owning a Dufour yacht without the worries of maintenance, mooring fees, insurance, and off-season storage costs. You sign up each year - there is no long-term commitment, no buy-in or initiation fees, and no equity stake to sell when you are done sailing with us. You are leasing (technically "bareboat chartering") the boat for the season on a shared basis along with other members. There are nine shares per boat, but during any given half-day time slot, one member has exclusive use of the boat.

We pay all expenses and manage all aspects of the boat - you just show up and sail, leave the rest to us.

Several things set Broad Reach apart from other fractional/shared yacht companies:

  • We have the highest quality fleet of any fractional sailing program in the country, featuring Dufour Yachts. Meticulously designed and crafted in France, Dufour is world renowned for producing yachts of superior performance, workmanship and comfort. All boats in the Broad Reach fleet come fully equipped with all the options, gear, and extras that make sailing a simple pleasure.
  • Our web-based Points of Sail scheduling system is designed so that each member can set their own schedule. Using a points-based bidding system, members are able to structure their sailing calendar based on their own individual priorities. Whether your goal is a weekend cruise, watching Chicago’s Air & Water shows, getting in as many weeknight sails as possible, or taking the family out on Saturdays, the Points of Sail program will help you get what you want.
  • Our program includes hands-on training by a USCG-licensed Captain. Our business includes both the Dufour dealership and a full-time sailing club which enables us to offer unparalleled support to our members and their boats.

    When you are out sailing, one of our Captains is usually not far away on Lake and always only a phone call away.

For more details on our fractional leasing program, please contact us.