Our Crew



Captain Todd Williamson got hooked on sailing while taking a semester long wilderness course in Baja Mexico. (NOLS) He returned to Chicago where he finished college, and worked his way up the ladder in the sailing industry. In 2003 Todd earned his Captains License, and founded his first sailing school. A short time later Todd teamed up with Ted Anderson to form Broad Reach Sailing. Todd’s sailing career has taken him to every corner of the globe. He continues to work hard, doing what he loves, and building a future for his family.



Captain Ted Anderson previously worked for a large aerospace corporation where his roles included VP of Operations running an aircraft component repair facility in the Netherlands, VP Business Development, starting a supply chain management business unit, and VP of Marketing. In addition, he has worked in sales and strategic management roles for software companies, and maintains a successful business consulting practice. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and was a surface warfare officer and nuclear engineer in the US Navy. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago, where he concentrated in operations management and marketing. He is a founder of Broad Reach Sailing, LLC.


Captain Pamela Jacknow started her sailing career at the age of 12 on dinghies at the Sheldon Calvary Summer Camp. In the summer of 1999 she started working as a certified sailing instructor. In the winter of 2003 she helped coach the Princeton Sailing Team. In 2004 she started working with Todd at his sailing school. During the next three years she worked hard to qualify for her 50 ton masters license and earned it in the fall of 2007. Pam has captained charters in the Great Lakes, Caribbean, Asia and the Mediterranean. Pam is an avid sailboat racer, and has done countless buoy and port to port races. In 2010 she became a partner at Broad Reach Sailing, LLC with the formation of our Sailing Club.